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An interest group of Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre. All drummers are amateurs having gone through at least 8 months of basic taiko trainings.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

25 - 29 JUNE 2012

5 members of our Daiko team embarked on a trip to Achi Village, Nagano, Japan for the "Inadani Taiko Drumming Course".  Daily intensive trainings from 10am to 4pm for 5 days, was conducted by Wadaiko Artist, Art Lee.

Photo: L to R: Tang Tuan Huat, Yeo Mui Sim, Yukari Ichise, Art Lee Sensei, Sue Kwek, Dean Havixbeck, Chris Yeow and Han Lee Yen.

The trainings included a one-day workshop at Osuwa Daiko, where participants were taught the famous piece - "Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi" by Grandmaster Daihachi Oguchi's grandson, Makota Yamamoto.  This workshop was streamed live via ustream, and coincided with the launch of the Hiryu Project.

Shime tying every morning before training begins.........

A total of 23 particpants from 7 countries - America, Australia, Germany, Hongkong, Singapore, Switzerland and United Kingdom training together.

Japanese media......

   We were so lucky!!!  Met them while shopping at Asano Taiko.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

                      TEAM SPIRIT

Daiko members - Yeo Mui Sim, Nick Chung, Ng Lee Ling, Cheng Pei Hsia, Chris Yeow and Sue Kwek painting Functional Arts Bin at Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre on 18 March 2012. KUDOS TO THE TEAM!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Beginners class is held on Mondays from 8.00pm to 9.30pm.  Starting on 9 July 2012, the syllabus is suitable for adults age 45 years and below.  PAssion Card member enjoys a six (6) month basic training course at $100 (non-member at $110).

(Please take note that beginners are required to attain at least 80% attendance throughout the basic trainings to qualify for intermediate stage).

For more information and registration, please call our CC at tel: 62419878.

Monday, January 16, 2012

More About Us........

The Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre Management Committee set up the Kampong Chai Chee CC Daiko, the Japanese Drum (Taiko) group, in December 1997. It was the first of its kind to be set up at a community centre in Singapore.

Over the years, the group has done over 100 performances both locally and overseas. These included major national events such as the National Day Parade 2000 - Carnival At The Bay, Chingay Parade in the year 2001 & 2003, Singapore Arts Festival 1998 & 1999.

They drew overwhelming applause during their overseas performances at Club Med Cherating in Kuantan, Malaysia in 2001 and another performance in Yokohama, Japan in the year 2003.

Our passionate, amateur drummers have also been trained in Japan under Sensei Hatsumi Ishikura of Kantou Abaredaiko. Exchange programs were held with overseas daiko groups and friends from Nihonkai Taiko of Kashiwazaki City and Kamikata Taikoren - Japan, Mr. John Ko of Soh Daiko from the United States of America and Mr. Mark Alcock of Greenwich Meantime Taiko, United Kingdom.

In March 2007, the drummers embarked on another trip to Japan to train intensively under Mr. Hiroyuki Hayashida, a well known Okedo instructor and taiko player with the group “Zi-Pang”. A brief training session was held with Japanese Folk Entertainment Performance Company, Araumaza Taiko, which widens the drummers’ experience of playing drums with the accompaniment of flute, percussions and singing. The drummers also had a rare opportunity to attend a Miyake workshop conducted by Mr. Akio Tsumura, who taught the original form of Miyake to the world renowned taiko group, KODO.

Outreach programs were introduced regularly at community events, schools and corporate functions. The first children’s taiko group in Singapore’s primary schools was initiated by team leader and coordinator, Ms. Sue Kwek BBM, who voluntarily helped to start and train students of East Coast Primary School in the year 2003. Each year, a small group of Kampong Chai Chee PCF Kindergarten children, as young as 6 years old, gets to play and enjoy taiko. These children bring cheers and joy on stage performing at their graduation concert ceremony.

In February 2009, Kanazawa University of Ishikawa Prefecture, invited our Daiko team to perform at their Symposium - "Features for the Future" held at both Kanazawa and Wajima. We were very honoured to be the only Singapore team performing along with other renowned groups like Somei Yoshino Ensemble, Toranosuke Daiko and Gojinjo Daiko. Our fusion piece of "Rasa Sayang & Chan Mali Chan" comprising singing, drumming and ethnic dances, drew encores during performances as well as dinner parties hosted by Kanazawa University.

Kampong Chai Chee CC Daiko aims to promote traditional and contemporary styles of Japanese drumming. This special team of drummers also seeks to explore new musical dimensions such as incorporating other culturally unique musical forms, composing, creating their own music, sing and even dance to the beats of TAIKO. Team effort, passion, discipline and intensive practices; drive the group to attain recognition and commendations in their performances at numerous events.

Japanese drumming is a challenging physical exercise for all age groups. Drummers are trained to swing their arms high and wide with stylized coordination of legs and body movements. This form of drumming produces thunderous beats and rhythms which can be enjoyed across diverse cultures.

Come and enjoy the vibrancy of TAIKO!! Discover a way to keep yourself physically and mentally active; and de-stress the fun way.

Beginners class is held on Mondays (except 5th Monday & public holidays) from 8.00pm to 9.30pm.  Passion Card member enjoys a six (6) month basic training course at just a nominal fee of $100 ($110 for non-member). Senior drummers train on every Wednesday (except public holidays) from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre.  A free trial lesson is available on the first Monday of each month by appointment only. For more information and reservation of trial lesson, please call the CC at 62419878 or email us at kgccdaiko@gmail.com

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Come with your family and friends and soak up the vibrancy of Taiko, the art of Japanese drumming!!

Date:                     Friday        11 February 2011
                             Saturday    12 February 2011

Time:                    5.00 pm onwards

Venue:                  Pit Building (behind Singapore Flyer)

Admission:           FREE admission to all (no Chingay ticket required)

Showcase:            Vibrant taiko performances
                             FREE taiko workshop
                             Dance to taiko beats
                             Dress like a taiko player and pose for a shot! 
                             (with your own camera)

Learn the basics of playing taiko

Beginners class is held on Mondays from 8.00pm to 9.30pm.  Passion Card member enjoys a six (6) month basic training course at just a nominal fee of $100 ($110 for non-member). [Beginners must attain at least 80% attendance throughout the basic trainings to qualify for intermediate stage.]

For more information and reservation on new class, please call the CC at 62419878.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Record of Past Performances & Events

YEAR 1998

1.     18 January ’98 Kg Chai Chee CCC “Hong Bao Presentation”.

2.     7 February ’98 Chingay 26 Singapore.

3.     20 June ’98 Festival Of Arts Fringe Programme.

4.     18 July ’98 Mass International Folk & Recreation Dance
        Night 1998.

5.     2 August ’98 Kg Chai Chee National Day Dinner Celebration.

6.     30 August ’98 The Singapore Carnival 1998 (National Day Event).

7.     4 October ’98 Kg Chai Chee Lantern Nite ’98.

8.     8 November ’98 National Sports Carnival for Women 1998.

YEAR 1999

9.     28 February ’99 Constituency Visit At Ubi by Mr. Lim Hng Kiang.

10.   30 May ’99 Kg Chai Chee Constituency 1999 Good
        Neighbour Day.

11.   6 June ’99 Heartland Concerts Singapore Arts Festival 1999
        Fringe Special (Vibrancy Of Drums).

12.   1 August ’99 Kg Chai Chee National Day Dinner Celebration.

13.   11 September ’99 Kg Ubi View Residents’ Committee Lantern
        Festival Celebration.

YEAR 2000

14.   2 April 2000 Celebrated our 2nd Anniversary with all members
        attending a buffet dinner at Marriot Hotel.

15.   14 April 2000 Mother’s Day Celebration - to welcome Guest-

16.   10 & 11 June 2000 Commercial performance at Jurong
        Point Shopping Centre.

17.   24 June 2000 Marine Parade Community Development Centre’s 
        Active Citizens’ Fair officiated by Mr. Matthias Yao, Minister Of 
        State without Portfolio & MP for Macpherson.

18.    6 August 2000 Kg Chai Chee National Day Dinner.

19.    9 August 2000 VIP performance for President.
         12 August 2000 National Day Parade 2000, Carnival At The Bay.

YEAR 2001

20.    2 February 2001 Chinese New Year Dinner & Dance.

21.    9 February 2001 Chingay 29 Singapore.
         10 February 2001 (Joint performance with Kg Chai Chee CC
         Silat Group).

22.    24 March 2001 Kim Seng Day 2001 Dinner cum Variety Show.

23.    April 2001 Celebrated our 3rd Anniversary with all members
         attending a buffet dinner at House of Mao.

24.    11 August 2001 Kg Chai Chee 36th National Day Dinner (Joint
         performances with Chinese Orchestra and Silat Groups).

25.    25 August 2001 Invitation from Japanese Assn, Singapore to join
         in the Summer Festival 2001 -“BON ODORI” .

26.    26 August 2001 Invitation from Japanese Assn, Spore to
         participate in an Exchange Programme with Nihonkai Taiko
         from Kashiwazaki City, Japan and members of JAS Taiko.

27.    28 October 2001 East Coast Town Council Day.

28.    November 2001 Taiko workshop for 70 students from
         St. Anthony Cannossian Convent.

YEAR 2002

29.    22-24 March 2002  DUNHILL Media Getaway (Launching of
         Dunhill’s sponsorship for live telecast of the FIFA World Cup in

30.    24 August 2002 Participated in “BON ODORI”, Japanese
         Summer Festival 2002 organized by the Japanese Assciation,

31.    21 September 2002 Performance at Lantern Festival Night
         organized by Tampines Constituency.

32.    24 September 2002 Performed at the launching of Borneo Motors
         new Toyota Showroom.

33.    15 October 2002 Introduction and demonstration of Daiko for all
         students at East Coast Primary School. followed by Outreach

34.    9 November 2002 Performance at Bedok Town Centre’s Light-Up.

35.    14 & 15 November 2002 Performed at the Singapore Motor
         Show for Borneo Motors Booth. Official Opening by Mr. Khaw
         Boon Wan.

YEAR 2003

36.    7 February 2003 Preview – Chingay Singapore 2003
         8 February 2003 Chingay Singapore 2003 (Joint performance
         with Gamelan, Silat and Wushu Groups).

37.    13 to 18 May 2003  Taiko training and exchange programme in
         Tokyo and Yokohama with Ishikura Hatsumi Sensei of Kantou
         Abaredaiko, Japan. Performance at Yokohama on 16 May 2003.

38.    1 June 2003 Performed at the launching of South East Kampong 
         Games and Mini- Carnival at Braddell Heights CC. Guest-of-
         Honour, Mayor Othman  Haron Eusofe and MPs, Mrs. Lim
         Hwee Hua and Mr. R Ravindran.

39.    12 July 2003 Performance at Garden Hill RC Residents’ Block 
         Party including Taiko Workshop to introduce the Art of
         Japanese drumming to our residents.

40.    19 July 2003 Performance at SECDC Racial Harmony Carnival.
         Guest-of- Honour, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong.

41.     23 July 2003 Dinner Gathering for Daiko members.

42.     2 December 2003 Outdoor video engagement : Solo drummer on
          Ohjime Daiko for DP Information Network Group’s event to be
          held on 16 January 2004.

YEAR 2004

43.    16 January 2004 Performance at Singapore 1000 & Singapore 
         SME 500 2004 Awards Event. Guest-of-Honour – Dr. Vivian

44.    27 January 2004 Lunar New Year Gathering for Daiko members 
         @ Oasis.

45.    4 July 2004 Taiko with Ansar residents under MediaCorp

46.    25 July 2004 Performance at Racial Harmony Day cum 40th
         Anniversary of CommunityCentres Management Committees.

YEAR 2005

47.    2 March 2005 Taiko training for 74 students of Ping Yi
         Secondary School. A 12-week outreach programme by
         KCC CCMC and KCC Daiko.

48.    15 June 2005 Taiko Exchange with Mr. Mark Alcock, leader of
         Meantime Taiko, Greenwich, London, UK.

49.    26 June 2005 Ministerial Community Visit by Dr. Ng Eng Hen,
         Minister for Manpower & 2nd Minister for Education.
         Joint performance with East Coast Primary School Daiko and
         students of Ping Yi Secondary School.

50.    17 August 2005 Workshop - taiko and percussions training for
         students of East Coast Primary School Daiko.

51.    20 August 2005 KCC Daiko Club members celebrated BON
         ODORI, a summer festival organized by Japanese Association,

52.    18 September 2005 Performance at the official opening of  Pasir
         Ris Elias Community Club. Guest-of-Honour Mr. Teo Chee Hean.

53.    21 & 28 September KCC Daiko Club member, Sue Kwek,
         had taiko exchange with members of Greenwich Meantime

54.    28 October 2005 KCC Daiko Club members Steamboat Dinner

55.    27 November 2005 Performance at East Coast Town Council
         5-Year Town Renewal Programme Launching Ceremony. Guests-
         Of-Honour – All MPs ofEast Coast GRC and SMC.

YEAR 2006

56.    10 February 2006 Performance for CitiGroup Investment at their
         Chinese Lunar New Year  Celebration. Finale choreography of
         taiko beats and percussions - performed by Daiko members and
         11 senior staff of CitiGroup Investment. A training session for
         senior staff of CitiGroup Investment at Millennia Walk office
         was conducted by Ms. Sue Kwek on 3rd February 2006.

57.    18 March 2006 Taiko Exchange and Workshop  hosted by
         Tampines East CC Taiko together with Leng Kee CC group
         and Yio Chu Kang CC Taiko.

58.    30 March 2006 Joint activity – 15 KCC Daiko members and 20
         students of  East Coast Primary School Daiko were invited to
         watch Japanese Drum Concertperformed by Komainu-Za
         & JAS Drum Group.

59.    30 April 2006 Garden Hill Carnival Block Party cum Health

60.    21 June 2006 Workshop with Mark Alcock, leader of Greenwich
         Meantime Taiko, UK.

61.    8 July 2006 PAssion@South East PA Road Show Launching/
         recruitment Passion Card.

62.    23 Aug 2006      Taiko Exchange with Tampines
         30 Aug 2006      East CC Taiko – Mr. Tan Beng
         6 Sept 2006       Huat & students.

YEAR 2007

63.    18 Jan 2007 Taiko Exchange with Tampines East CC Taiko –
         Mr. Tan Beng Huat students.

64.    19 Jan 2007 DP Information Event S1000 and SME500 Awards
         Presentation. GOH Mr. S Iswaran Minister of State forTrade
         & Industries.

65.    4th Feb 2007 Mediacorp Event  Project Superstar 2 Grand Final.

66.    6th Feb 2007 Wearnes Charity Auction. GOH – SM Goh Chok
         Tong & SECDC Mayor Mathias Yeow.

67.    15th Feb 2007 Workshop & Rehearsal for Chingay @
         Heartland  for KCC Daiko, Tampines Group & East Coast
         Primary Daiko.  Flautist-Saito-san and Namiko-san.

68.    25th Feb 2007 Chingay @ Heartland KCC Daiko, Tampines
         Daiko & ECPS Daiko with flautist Saito-san and

69.    10 Mar 2007 Japanese Taiko & Dance Concert. Invitation to
          perform jointly with JAS Taiko.

70.     24-30 Mar 2007 Taiko training in Japan with Hayashida sensei
          and Araumaza Taiko.

71.     26 April 2007 Performance for Tenet  Insurance
          50th Anniversary Celebration.

72.     9 June 2007 Music Festival at Ruby RC.

73.     4 August 2007 Performance at Kg Chai Chee constituency
          National  Day Dinner.

74.     25 August 2007 KCC Daiko Club members celebrated BON
          ODORI,  a summer festival organized by Japanese Association,

75.     15 August to November 2007 Outreach Programme –
          Training Kg Chai Chee PCF Kindergarten students for
          graduation concert.

76.     26 August 2007 SECDC Art Festival.

77.     8 September 2007 Singapore Sports Council Coach Recognition
          Award 2007.

78.     8 September 2007 East Coast Town Day.

79.     27 September 2007 Launching of CANON Printers & Scanners.

80.     3 November 2007 Taiko Exchange 2007 Groups :
          Kg Chai Chee CC Daiko
          Yio Chu Kang CC (WEC Taiko)
          Tampines East CC Japanese Drum Group
          Spore Polytechnic Japanese Daiko Drum Team
          Aoba Daiko Ensemble
          JAS Wadaiko Dokokai
          MINDS Taiko Group
          ITE Daiko Team

81.     11 November 2007 PCF Graduation Concert Performance by
          Blk 409 PCF Graduating students trained by Ms. Sue Kwek.

82.     16 December 2007 Temasek Club Family Carnival.

YEAR 2008

83.     2 February 2008 Taiko Exchange with visiting Taiko instructor
          Ms. Hatsumi  Ishikura of Kantou Abaredaiko.

84.     17 February 2008 Lunar New Year Celebration for Daiko Club

85.     22 March 2008 Taiko Performance for a Wedding Banquet.

86.     14 April 2008 Project with MediaCorp Channel U to coach
          contestant Zhang Zhen Huan in playing drums on1, 4, 6, 9,
          11 &  13 April 2008.
          Live telecast on 14 April 2008 coach by Ms. Sue Kwek.

87.    25 April 2008 Project with MediaCorp Channel U to coach
         contestant Miss Ang Chiew Ting in playing drums for her Profile
         Shot to be air on 19 May 2008. Coach by Ms. Sue Kwek.

88.    10 May 2008 South East District Meeting hosted by SECDC.

89.    28 June 2008 Constituency Sports Night 2008 hosted by
         People's Association.

90.    23 August 2008 KCC Daiko Club members celebrated BON
         ODORI, a summer festival organized by Japanese Association,

91.    September to November 2008 Outreach Programme – Training
         Kg Chai Chee PCF Kindergarten students for graduation concert.

92.    21 September 2008 Active Ageing Carnival organized by
         SECDC. Guest-of-Honour, Prof S. Jayakumar.

93.    27 – 28 September 2008 - Retreat at Batam for KCC Daiko
         Club members. Discussions held for preparation of Wadaiko
         Symposium in Japan schedule for February 2009. Team work
         in arranging and harmonizing a fusion piece of Singapore songs
         with drums and flute accompanied with Malay dance. Photo
         shots for compiling KCC Daiko profile and publicity.

94.    6 October 2008 KCC Daiko Club members attended Taiko
         Concert by Hiroshi Motofuji & Motofuji’s Taiko Unit. This
         concert is presented by Embassy of Japan and Japan
         Foundation – a pre-event of Japan Creative Centre.

95.    11 October 2008 AWDO – Amore Women’s Day Out organised
         by Singapore Sports Council. Sponsor - AMORE Fitness &
         Boutique Spa.
         [AMORE sponsorship performance].

96.    17 November 2008 Performance for Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance
         Group 50th Anniversary Dinner 2008 @ St Regis Hotel.

97.    21 November 2008 Charity Performance for Athletes
         Achievement Awards organized by Singapore National
         Paralympic Council.

98.    17 December 2008 Performance for DAIKIN SINGAPORE
         40th Anniversary Gala Dinner 2008.

YEAR 2009

99.    5 to 10 February 2009 Invitation to perform in Kanazawa and
         Wajima at Ishikawa Prefecture  in conjunction with Kanazawa
         University Symposium – “Features For the Future”.

100.  12-13 February 2009 Taiko training and workshop with Hatsumi
         Ishikura Sensei of Kantou  Abaredaiko.

101.  4 April 2009 Lianhe Wanbao Health & Beauty Fair launching.
         GOH – Mr. Khaw Boon Wan, Minister of Health.

102.  7 June 2009 “TrueHearts” – Community Chest Live Show. A
         Taiko performance lead by KCC Daiko together with
         SIA-MINDS Daiko and Mediacorp artistes, Rayson Tan,
         Ben Yeo, Li Teng, Yuan Shuai & Fiona Xie.
         Live telecast over Mediacorp Channel 8.

103.  12 July 2009 An invitation by TENKO to join in a performance at
         Meidiya. Chris Yeow & Sue Kwek participated in Nebuta

104.  16 July 2009 Official Opening of AMORE Fitness & Boutique
         Spa @ Tampines One.

105.  18 July 2009 Taiko Workshop for KCC Daiko Club Members &
         KCC Daiko trainees.

106.  30 July 2009 KCC Daiko Juniors & KCC Daiko Club
         members’ outing to watch daiko performances by JCS Daiko of
         Japanese Cultural Society.

107.  19 December 2009 Year End Gathering for KCC Interests Groups
         with performances.

YEAR 2010

108.  1 January 2010 Daiko senior and junior members New Year
         Gathering @ The Bayshore.

109.  17 February 2010 Daiko Club members Chinese Lunar New Year
         "Lo-Hei" at Seafood Kitchen Centre.

110.  13 March 2010 Japan Fair @ ION Orchard.
         14 March 2010 Japan Fair @ ION Orchard

111.  HDB 50th Anniversary Celebration @ Heartlands.

112.  17 April 2010 HDB and Linear Green Community Party
          Daiko Workshop for Ministers and residents.

113.  9 August 2010 Bishan Heartland Celebration for National Day
          Open Field @ Bishan St.13

114.  15 August 2010 Taiko Workshop for both KCC Juniors and

115.  5 December 2010 Ministerial Community Visit to Kampong
          Chai Chee Constituency.

YEAR 2011

116.  8 January 2011 Juniors & Seniors Bonding & New Year

117.  15 January 2011 Official Opening Ceremony of "TITANIUM"
          at The Esplanade.

118.  11 & 12 February 2011  Participation at CHINGAY 2011 ARTS
           FAIR - "PA's Got Talents".  Performances and taiko workshops
           for the public during the carnival at F1 Pit.

119.  16 February 2011  Daiko Club members celebration of the
          Chinese Lunar New Year at East Coast Seafood Centre.

120.  2 April 2011  Lead a team of young kindergarten students from
          PCF Kg Chai Chee to drum at the welcoming of VIPs at Family
          Sports Carnival 2011 (in conjunction with PCF 25th Anniversary 
          Celebration) at Bedok Stadium.

121.  15 May 2011  Taiko Workshop and Bonding for both juniors and
          seniors totaling 28 members.

122.  29 May 2011  Daiko Gathering and Bonding over lunch for Somei-1
          and Somei-2 daiko members.

123.  3 July 2011  Tea Gathering and Bonding for Somei-3 daiko members.

124.  29 June 2011, 4 July 2011, 6 July 2011 & 11 July 2011
          Project with Mediacorp to train contestant in playing  Taiko for        
          "GIANT STARS 2011" by trainer, Ms. Sue Kwek BBM and  recording of
          studio training;

          9 July 2011  Dry-run at Mediacorp studio;

          12 July 2011  Rehearsal for contestant and KCC Daiko members at
          Mediacorp auditorium;

          13 July 2011  Studio recording for "GIANT STARS 2011".  Show was
          telecast over channel 8 on 6 & 13 August 2011.

125.  6 August 2011  Taiko performance by all members at Kg Chai Chee
          National Day Dinner.

126.  2 September 2011  Members attended Drum TAO Concert.

127.  1 October 2011  Introduction of Shamisen and demo by courtesy of
          Mr. Saito Toshikazu.

128.  13 November 2011  Taiko workshop for club members.

129.  2 December 2011  Performance at CAPELLA at Sentosa Island.

130.  3 December 2011  Christmas Party for club members at
          Hotel Rendezvous.

131.  10 December 2011  Performance at MacPherson Community Centre.

YEAR 2012

132.  31 January        Daiko Club S1, S2 & S3 members Chinese New
                                     Year celebration with Lo-Hei at EN Japanese Dining.

133.  01 February     Live@EASE Daiko senior citizen members Chinese
                                     New Year Celebration with Lo-Hei at Kg Chai Chee CC.

134.  04 February     Performance for Longvale RC Chinese New Year
                                    Dinner celebrations at Bedok Reservoir View.

135.  18 March        Club members participation in PAssion Arts @ South
                                   East - Community Arts Gallery to pain Functional Arts Bin.

136.  01 April           KCC Daiko & Live@EASE members performed at PAssion
                                   Arts Celebrations @ South East at Bedok Town Centre.

137.  09, 16, 23       Okedo Workshop for 7 members at Kg Chai Chee CC Music
          & 30 April       Studio.

138.  27 April           DC Launch@Fort for NEC STEE Cloud Services Pte Ltd for
                                   the "Kagami Biraki Ceremony" (Sake Opening Ceremony).

139.  06 May           Taiko Workshop for all KCC Daiko members.

140.  07 May to       Okedo training course for 10 members.
          18 June

141.  25 - 29 June    5 Members attended intensive trainings at Inadani
                                    Taiko Drumming Course with Art Lee of Tokara Wadaiko
                                    in Achi Village, Nagoya, Japan.

142.  27 July              Taiko performance for the launching of Kaldewei Products
                                    at Camdex Centre, Singapore.

143.  08 August        Kg Chai Chee Constituency National Day Dinner Celebration
                                    at Bliss Garden Restaurant @ Singapore EXPO.

144.  17 August        KCC Daiko members attended TAO Drum Concert at Marina
                                    Bay Sands Theatre.

145.  25 August        "Natsumatsuri" - daiko members celebrated Summer Festival
                                    at Japanese School, Changi Campus.

146.  01 September Cheering for East Coast Cluster at Opening of Singapore
                                     National Games at Punggol Water Way.  Guest-Of-Honor,
                                     Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

147.  23 September  Opening Ceremony of MacPherson Zone E Residents

148.  07 October       Taiko Workshop for all KCC Daiko members.

149.  20 October       Taiko performance - Fundraising Gala Dinner for KCC
                                      Building Fund at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

150.  10 November   Swimming Carnival at Bedok Reservoir Neighborhood

151.  05 December   Interview and videoing Daiko's training for both Live@
                                     EASE and Somei 1,2 & 3 classes by People's Association.

152.  12 December   Christmas Party with gift exchange for Live@EASE daiko.

153.  22 December    Christmas lunch for Somei 1, 2 & 3 at Chisosenmai @ The

154.  26 December    Year End Party with gift exchange.

155.  31 December    Performance at Parliament's Year End Party - "Parliament's
                                      Got Talent (Ethnic Fiesta)"

YEAR 2013

156.  05 January          Performance at KCC Edusave Merit Bursary Awards
                                        Presentation for 1,400 students.

157.  17 January          Performance at People's Association Trainers Star Award

158.  23 January          Training Mediacorp artistes in taiko drumming.

          06, 13, 18 &
          20 February        Training Mediacorp artistes in taiko drumming.

159.  13 February        Celebrating Valentine's Day with members playing
                                        taiko in pairs.

160.  20 February        Celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year with Lo-Hei for Live@
                                        EASE Daiko at Kg Chai Chee CC.

161.  21 February        Performance with Mediacorp artistes - Chinese New Year
                                        Luncheon for Advertisers and Agencies at Shangri-La Hotel.

162.  22 February        Celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year with Lo-Hei at Chin
                                        Lee Restaurant at Bedok North Road.

163.  16 March             Performance at East Coast Mile 2013 at Bedok Adventure